TV Show or Radio Recording for a Date

Live at the Apollo with SRO Audiences

Have you ever fancied being part of a studio audience and seeing a TV show whilst it’s being filmed? Going to the recording of a show be it TV or radio can be a fantastically fun and is a quirky idea for a date. On top of that it’s free!

Live at the Apollo with SRO Audiences

The main (and best) audience sourcing company is “SRO Audiences”, who find the audiences for many BBC productions. Programmes include daytime television as well as late night chat shows and comedy. They do not charge and booking a show is simple. For the more popular shows such as “Live at the Apollo” you simply register online then are entered into a ballot.

Being part of a TV audience can be a really exciting experience, especially when the camera whizzes around the audience and your date have your very own close up or when the something goes hilariously wrong on set that only you the audience will ever see. as well as witnessing the magic of television and seeing how shows are really made by being at the show you also get to see it way before everyone else, sometimes months before it’s aired to the general public.

Recordings are often a lot longer than the final product you see on TV or hear on the radio, I was once at a BBC Radio 4 comedy recording, we were there for two and a half hours and the end product was a 25 minute long show.

As well as SRO Audiences you can also get tickets for some shows direct from the BBC, especially for radio shows.

The only small niggle with going to a live recording is that they oversubscribe the places due to the obvious no shows, so you must arrive early and queue to avoid any disappointment, this can give you a good chance to chat to you date. If you are lucky enough to get tickets for Live at the Apollo make sure you arrive very very early as the queue is endless. Free and funny – you can’t go wrong!

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