The Play That Goes Wrong

One of the most laugh-out-loud plays we’ve ever been to, The Play That Goes Wrong is the epitome of comedic timing, comic acting and farce. It rightfully won a Best New Comedy Olivier Award and we think it’s the perfect show to have both you, and your date in stitches.


At the time of writing The Play that goes wrong was based in the Duchess Theatre near Aldwych.

Start your night nearby with a pre-theatre menu at one of the many restaurants that Covent Garden has to offer. For an upscale venue, try Lima Floral, which is Peruvian Nikkei cuisine, and sister restaurant of Michelin starred Lima Fitzrovia. We’d also recommend the uber romantic Clos Maggiore, if you can get a booking.

The premise of the show is basically like inception: a play within a play, and similar to Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off”. The Play That Goes Wrong is about an amateur dramatics group, the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, putting on a murder mystery show called, ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor.’ We, the audience, are meant to be watching that production.

Before the show has even started, the cast and crew are on stage fixing the fireplace and enlisting the help of the audience. We’re not going to give anything away but expect slapstick antics, frantic attempts at repairs and near misses throughout the show. There’s always something happening!

The show is a work-out! My stomach hurt from laughing so much throughout. I LOL’d so hard that multiple times I let out a piggy-like snort (I was told it was ‘cute’). My date was laughing so much that at one point they stopped the show to call her out on it, which generated even more laughter from her, and the audience. Even when everyone has calmed down from the hysterics, the show only gives you a minute or so’s respite before launching you into another fit of giggles.

The cast of The Play That Goes Wrong. Photo credit Helen Murray

The cast do an excellent job of staying alive on the stage, it takes a lot of skill to execute the perfect comedic timing, but they do it so effortlessly you can hardly tell how rehearsed it is! Another point is how safely they’re able to flawlessly perform the sequences, a few steps the wrong way, or a beat too late and they would end up with real injuries.

Tickets are at the cheaper end of the spectrum and you can get the best seats in the house for around £55 each. Normally, theatre would be a definite no for a first, second or even third date but this show is so funny that it really doesn’t matter what date it is, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. The same creators of this show have also produced The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, which we’re now dying to go to and might even do as a double date!

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