Bread Street Kitchen

Being brought to One New Change shopping centre near St. Paul’s on a date left me feeling a bit sceptical about how successful this evening was going to turn out as it is quite a sterile area and the city not being my favourite area of London. Luckily, I was brought here for good reason – to come to Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen.

Bread Street Kitchen

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A Wapping Date in London

A hidden gem just east of Tower Bridge, Wapping provides a great setting for a date.

If you’re meeting in the daytime we’d recommend starting your date in one of the lovely pubs that sit right on the Thames giving you picture perfect views of Canary Wharf. The Prospect of Whitby is a charming little pub that gives that air of times past and cosy chairs to get comfortable in. Or if you fancy going that bit cheaper, the Captain Kidd is a Sam Smiths pub so you can afford to treat your date to a few drinks, without compromising on the views. However if it’s lunch you’re after, the LDG wouldn’t recommend either for food. Instead we’d recommend taking a walk by the river heading towards Canary Wharf and treating yourselves to a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow. This serves fantastic choices of British dishes at affordable prices.

The Captain Kidd in Wapping

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