The Menier Chocolate Factory

Menier Chocolate Factory
© Lucy McNally

Close to London Bridge Station, a short walk down Southwark Street is The Menier Chocolate Factory, an award winning restaurant and performance space for plays, musicals and stand-up comedy that sits comfortable outside of the West End.

Originally the building was, as the name suggests, a chocolate factory for the Menier Company, once one of the largest chocolate companies in the world, but now only a small brand owned by Nestle which can only be bought from Waitrose or in France.

Menier Chocolate Factory
© Lucy McNally

To get to the bar and theatre you have to walk through the delicious smelling restaurant, where those that managed to get the “meal and a show” deal are enjoying their mouth watering food. Even though small, this unpretentious and charming restaurant had an excitable pre-show crowd creating a brilliant ambience that hits the moment you walk in, always a good sign.

The bar at the back is modest and has a different feel from the restaurant; bit of a run-down charm that you would get in a comedy club or music hall and quite chilled out. Filled with show posters and a small cabinet of historical objects from the building’s former days you get a real sense of the history the Chocolate Factory has.

From the bar we made our way into the theatre through a door that before opened was cunningly disguised as a cargo lift. The theatre is a 180 seater with comfortable bench seating and decent amount of tiering so that nobody’s head gets in your way, it also gives you a feeling of being close to the stage wherever you sit.

The show we were seeing was David Baddiel – Fame: Not the Musical, having not seen or heard much from him in quite a while we weren’t sure what to expect but we shouldn’t have worried with Baddiel putting on a warming and hilarious show that takes a slightly self-deprecating look back at moments from his life. Highly recommend seeing this show.

David Baddiel - Menier Chocolate Factory

After the show we decided to eat in the restaurant instead of getting a snack elsewhere as seeing and smelling the food on the way in really swayed us. The standard of the food surprised us, we had a feeling it would be good but it far exceeded expectations. Going for the burger (standard) it was a behemoth that came with massive stacked up chips. high quality and highly satisfying, plugging a craving. My date went for the gnocchi which wouldn’t have been out of place at a high-end Italian. The texture was incredible, light, fluffy and completely moreish, it also came with a giant deep fried Parmesan crisp that she went wild for, definitely a winning dish.

Menier Chocolate Factory - Restaurant

The Menier Chocolate Factory, is an excellent choice for a date, with a fantastic restaurant and lovely theatre you can’t go wrong. Look out on the MCF website for “meal and a show” tickets as these are a total bargain.

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