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Kennington Pub Crawl Map

I have to admit that I didn’t know much about Kennington before I was brought here on a date other than most of the shops are estate agents, but trust me, it’s got some great pubs.

We started our date at the cosy Prince of Wales pub in leafy Cleaver Square. As soon as I came in I felt like I was in a countryside village pub as it was quiet, snug and has that rural quality about it. As the weather was good, we spent most of our time sitting outside enjoying the autumn sunshine. I especially liked the little touches in this pub like the flower pots sitting on the window ledges and Victorian adverts on the wall.

Kennington Pub Crawl Map

Needing to stretch our legs, we then moved on the Tommyfield, sitting just at the entrance to the square. A much more roomy and modern find, we stopped here for some dinner which was top notch. I enjoyed pan fried sea bass, roasted fennel and lentil in a red wine sauce while my date had braised lamb shank, clapshot and pickled red cabbage and the pub also served a good range of beers, ales and wines. The place was buzzing the whole time, we could tell this is where the locals come. A great pub.

Fancying a change of scenery, we decided to try The Dog House across the road. This pub offered a warm and cosy environment with candles on all the tables and a good selection of drinks. However the place did get a little cramped as the evening wore on as more people came in for a drink.

Now very merry, my date and I decided to try one place which came in the form of The Black Prince. Perfect for a cold autumn evening, The Black Prince offered a warm fire and wonderfully historical décor with polished dark wood panels, rich red wallpaper and brushed brass lamp fittings. We really settled in here, enjoying the warm and cosy atmosphere and getting to know each other better.

Overall our afternoon/evening pub crawl date was a pleasant surprise, Kennington offering so much more than I had expected. I love that this place is still somewhat of a secret so try it out while you can. It’s only a matter of time before the village feel is overtaken by the hordes!

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