IMAX Waterloo

BFI IMAX at Waterloo

We wouldn’t advise going to the cinema if this is your first date but if you’ve been going out for a while or have a long term partner then the IMAX is a great place to go to, especially as the double seats allow you to get a little closer.

The IMAX at Waterloo boasts the biggest screen in Britain and believe us, it is massive. If you’re a fan of the cinema, you will be especially impressed.

BFI IMAX at Waterloo

Action films and 3D are the IMAX’s speciality and they only ever show the blockbusters so you know that if they’re showing it, you’re going to have a good experience. The best seats are obviously a little towards the back and in middle so try to go for somewhere around rows J or K.

Do not bother going to the IMAX if you can only get seats on the side especially if the film is in 3D – you won’t get the full experience and you may end up feeling a bit disappointed. Tickets are expensive (£19.50 for premium) and they keep putting the prices up (£5 in 2 years!) so it’s worth waiting until you can get good seats.

Top tip – if it’s a popular film that you want to see then book well in advance. The IMAX is really popular and you want to ensure that you get worthwhile seats.

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