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Future Cinema - Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Jessica-Rabbit

From the creators of Secret Cinema, Future Cinema offers a movie experience like no other (apart from Secret Cinema). Even before getting in, the world of the film you’re there to see bursts out in to the streets and unfolds in front of you. With actors everywhere encouraging you to get involved, you have no choice but to lose yourself in this wonderful experience.

Future Cinema - Casablanca

Previous Future Cinema events have included Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, Bugsy Malone and Casablanca. Our visit to Future Cinema took us into the Toon world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, spending the evening at the famous Ink and Paint Club. Walking from Limehouse Station to the Troxy we thought we’d stepped back in time. People walked past in fur coats, old suits with braces, decadent dresses and hats of all descriptions. When we got there we were directed around the side of the building to join the queue where we were singled out, searched and interrogated by “The Weasels” eager to hunt out any toons. This was a superbly bonkers start to the evening.

When we made it to the entrance we greeted by a cartoon doorman through a hatch in the door who only let us in with the secret password. We made our way through the small, dark and smokey corridors hearing the sensual vocals of Jessica Rabbit warming up in her dressing room. We eventually came to a staircase that led us into a 1940’s club with a live swing band and more glamour & glitz than you can shake a stick at. The Ink & Paint Club was alive and kicking.

Future Cinema - Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Jessica-Rabbit

Everyone and I mean everyone was dressed up; it was difficult to tell who was an actor and who wasn’t. Groups and couples filled the tables in anticipation of what would happen next. Characters in the film chatted, mingled and encouraged you to get involved with a dance class, talent show or even dance with them. My date got asked to stand up and shimmy with one of the dancing girls which after several cocktails, she was more than happy to do!

Iconic moments from the movie are set up before the start of the film, these included an amazing piano duet, an energetic Roger Rabbit and a stoic Judge Doom interrogating guests. After the performances from the various characters on the Ink & Paint Stage, the lights dimmed and the film began. At pivotal moments throughout the film actors recreate scenes in front of you in sync with the action of the movie, blurring the lines between the screen and reality.

Future Cinema - Who Framed-Roger Rabbit - The Weasels

Performances throughout the night were outstanding with the actors never coming out of character, my particular favourites being the moronic gang of weasels who wreaked havoc wherever they went.

Once the curtain came down the evening escalated into a massive party with DJ’s and dancing. The crowd danced on stage with the actors which made for the ultimate finale. It was an unforgettable night and a unique experience for a date, no choice but to let your guard down and go with the flow.

Future Cinema - Party

Get dressed up, get involved, and be a part of Future Cinema!

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