Dining Dans Le Noir?

Dans le Noir?
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We decided to go to Dans le Noir? after a friend’s recommendation. The concept is quite simple really – you have your dinner in complete darkness where you are guided and served by blind people. The reality is really not that simple.

Dans le Noir?
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Arriving at the restaurant, we were asked to choose from four menus; fish, meat, vegetarian or surprise. After a careful think about the possible outcomes of each menu, my boyfriend and I both opted for meat. After being told to put all of our belongings in a locker, including our phones, keys, purses and jackets, we were instructed to stand amongst ten other people in two lines and hold on to the person in front’s shoulders. We were then led in.

You really underestimate how dark it’s going to be in the room. When they said we would be eating in total darkness, I didn’t expect it to actually be total darkness. It really is though, you literally cannot see a thing.

Being led in to Dans le Noir?
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We were led to our seats and showed where everything was on the table by our blind waiter, slowly becoming familiar with the surrounding area including placement of cutlery and my soon to be knocked over glass of wine. Just as you think you’ve got to grips with everything they bring out the first course and the dining in the dark begins.

We were sitting on tables almost like in a canteen, which worked well in this situation as we ended up comparing eating techniques with the couple next to us. By the end of the starter we had all opted for using our hands. With our senses heightened, we found ourselves smelling and feeling the food, guessing which mysterious delicacy was in front of us.

The waiters were extremely friendly and efficient and in general the whole evening was very enjoyable despite it being quite pricey. I would definitely recommend it as a one-off experience.

I can only hope that man I was playing footsie with under the table was my boyfriend and not a complete stranger.

Useful Information
Dans le Noir Website
Google Map Link
Closest Tube/Rail: Farringdon

Guest Writer – Gemma Brown
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