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Shard at London Bridge

With a rich history, it’s no surprise that London Bridge has some of London’s most popular tourist attractions in London. London Bridge Experience can be good fun to kick off a date but be warned, it;s quite expensive so we wouldn’t recommend going unless you have a 2 for 1 deal or love hanging out with a coach load Spanish kids. However, away from the overpriced bars on the river and the throngs of people blocking the outside of the station there are some great places to go on a date.

Shard at London Bridge

For a day-time date we would suggest starting at the delicious Borough Market, a food market that will give you sensory overload. Wander around and sample all the delicacies – you can almost get a whole meal from the masses of free tasters. Our favourite stalls to visit are Artisan Du Chocolat, which sells bags of misfits for £2.50 nom nom nom, and New Forest Cider which sells warm spiced cider in the winter. With a huge amount of choice from the countless number of food stalls making up your mind about what to have can be difficult. On the street next to Borough Market is Monmouth Coffee and Gelateria 3BIS which we also highly recommend for coffee and ice-cream.

Borough Market

Tas on Borough High Street is a tasty choice for both lunch and dinner dates. The cafe serves up a good choice of Turkish salads and sandwiches with the warmed up wraps being particularly yummy – the falafel and hummus wrap is one of the LDG’s favourite choices for lunch. The restaurant next door is just as good serving up hearty dishes such as Turlu, a stew of of aubergine, tomato, chickpeas, rice and yoghurt. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a live guitarist playing which adds to the atmosphere.

If it’s nice weather take a walk down to The Scoop at More London Place. This man-made amphitheatre always delivers a good night with its programme of regular free events like live music, theatre and films. It’s true that this area is always swarming with tourists but you can’t blame them – it’s a lovely place to hang out with its fantastic views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Alternatively, nearby Bermondsey Street is a hidden gem that has grown massively in popularity over the past few years. There’s an antique’s market at the bottom of the street, the Fashion and Textile Museum is halfway down and there are also a few top restaurants. Try Pizarro is a trendy tapas restaurant which serves fantastic dishes such as sea bass with broad beans, peas, chorizo and jersey royals and Iberico pork with mashed potatoes, piquillo, almonds. Be warned though, considering the dishes are small, they are on the pricey end so you can end up spending a lot. If you fancy something a bit more laid back, then try Village East. Here you’ll find tasty dishes such as fish and chips and Thai baked sea bream.

If you’re looking for a quiet drink to get to know each other in then visit the Boot and Flogger on Redcross Street, just off Southwark Way. Go early as this old fashioned vinter is only open until 8pm and only serves a wines, ports and sherries.

Alternatively, try the historic George pub which still looks exactly the way it would’ve done 300 years ago. It’s the only surviving galleried coaching inn and serves a good choice of pub dishes and drinks. It’s picnic tables outside make it a great choice for a drink in the sunshine.

If the weather is nice we recommend rounding off your date by walking along the southbank to Waterloo. Enjoy the beautiful views and appreciate being a Londoner. You’ll walk past Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, with the Swan at the Globe being a solid choice for dinner, the Oxo Tower and Butler’s Wharf and end up at the National Theatre and BFI by Waterloo.

If you have a favourite place to go on a date in London Bridge please let us know by commenting.

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  1. Some good places to go here, also if your date likes beer then Katzenjammers on a Friday night is fun, german beirkeller, live oom-pah band

  2. London Bridge iis a great area to go on a date, especially love Borough Market then having a walk down to Waterloo on the Southbank. loads of great places for drinks and dinner


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