Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market is one of my favourite markets in London, lined with boutique shops, tea rooms and art galleries, the sight, sounds and smells of Columbia Road Flower Market is fabulous experience. If the weather is fair then Columbia Road is definitely a must do Sunday date in London, you basically cannot go wrong.

Columbia Road Flower Market

A good place to meet your date is at Liverpool Street Station so you can make your way through Spitalfields Market to The Sunday UpMarket part of Brick Lane’s Sunday Market. From there you can meander up Brick lane until you get to Columbia Road.

Before even arriving at Columbia Road you can hear the shouts of traders calling out prices, deals and even the odd joke. There are usually musicians on at points throughout the day which really enhances the experience of the market.

Now the flower market itself is a bottle neck, the narrow space between the traders is like being on the tube at rush hour, the 50m long market can take 20 minutes to get through and that’s without stopping to smell the roses. When making your way slowly through the crush, the most wonderful smell of flowers, shrubs and herbs envelopes you. If you’re finding the squeeze a bit too much you can try to get out onto the narrow pavements behind each side of the stalls.

After you had a look down the flower market itself you can explore down the small streets that come off Columbia Road, you will find hidden gems such as Jones’ Dairy with its delicious cakes or get some wine, cheese and charcuterie from Printers and Stationers. There are a lot of wonderful boutique shops in the area so have a wander, explore and enjoy the vibe of Sunday at Columbia Rd.

The Globe at the end of the flower market is a wonderful pub to grab some food. They do pizzas and they do them well, giant, thin, crispy and delicious all at a bargain price.

Columbia Road makes for a perfect Sunday date for in London, get yourself down there!

Big tip for Columbia Road Flower Market, If you are after some plants or flowers get their just after 2pm, this is when the traders start to pack up so they lower all of their prices and do mega deals. If you’re actually planning on buying something this is the perfect time to do it, if you’re male, make sure you buy your date some flowers!!!

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Columbia Road Website
Google Map Link
Closest Tube/Rail: Shoreditch High Street / Hoxton

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  1. The flower markets seem to be attracting a great deal of interest at the moment – there are a few close cake shops that are making a great name for themselves!

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