Best Shows in London for a Date

We’re lucky that London’s West End offers some of the best theatre productions in the world so you really have no excuse not to see some shows while you’re living here. There are a lot to choose from though and if you’re thinking of taking your date to one but don’t know where to start then we’ve listed our tops pics – we can guarantee that none of these will leave you disappointed…

Best London Shows for a Date

Matilda is laugh out loud funny with fantastically catchy songs and not to mention a beautifully crafted set. It tells the story of a girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers while she is bullied by her telly-addicted family about her love of reading. She also has to endure her hammer-throwing headmistress, Miss Trunchbull who is downright psychotic and enjoys throwing children around in the air by their pigtails. It’s moving, magical and downright hilarious – it’s no wonder that it broke records with its seven Olivier Awards last year.
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The 39 Steps offers a delightfully slapstick tale set in wartime England. It tells the story of Richard Hannay, who flees to Scotland after a glamorous spy he has just befriended, is murdered in his apartment. The many parts are played by just four actors who change roles throughout the play and fly about the stage. This beautifully tongue in cheek spoof adaptation of Hitchcock’s film is a real comedy fix.
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If you fancy something truly original then go for the Faulty Towers Dining Experience which is currently playing at the Charing Cross Hotel. You actually have dinner while Basil, Sybil and Manuel create chaos around you. You’ll be treated to the best jokes from the series and love being properly included in the experience. It’s truly unique to the London theatre scene and belly-achingly funny.
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A firm favourite on the London theatre scene, The Lion King is colourful and vibrant with breath-taking costumes, beautiful choreography and songs that make you want to join in. You’ll be treated to a procession of animals on stilts and with cleverly crafted puppets throughout with the opening sequence being especially breathtaking.
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One Man Two Guvnors burst onto the theatre scene in 2011 and was an instant hit. It follows Francis who somehow finds himself with two masters and spends the show shuttling between them. It has the feel to it that all the performances are a little bit improvised which makes you feel like you’re getting a unique experience. The audience was roaring with laughter throughout when I went to see it.
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The Book of Mormon, When it opened in London it was sold out for months in advance and it still is. It is hilarious, the songs and acting is brilliant and is the best show we’ve seen in London in forever. It’s been a hugely popular hit in New York’s Broadway and now London has been treated to the same – GO SEE THIS SHOW!
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Avenue Q is one of our all time favourite musicals, Dave from London Date Guide has even seen it five times! This laugh out loud show tells the story of a new graduate Princeton who discovers that life is not so perfect and love is complicated all whilst searching for his purpose. All characters are puppets – think Sesame Street and the Muppet’s meets South Park. Avenue Q is currently on tour but we live in hope that it will come back to London. If you happen to find yourself in a town where it’s on, get yourself some tickets.
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A musical adaptation of the cult classic film – Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot is a must see rollicking comedy that has both the audience and cast crying with laughter. Fun the very start and with an all-star cast make it a fantastic show to see on a date. Tickets can also be purchased fairly cheaply so sure you don’t miss this comedy treat!
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If we’ve missed any shows off that you think are great for a date then let us know in the comments

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  1. Absolutely love this list of shows for dates, yet to see fawlty towers, book of mormon and 39 steps but hoping I will soon. I was taken to see matilda in London on a date and it was magical. Can’t wait to see more

  2. I’ve just been to see Matilda, it’s amazing!! Loved the songs and all the characters are really funny. Can’t wait for Mormon to come out! x

  3. These are great shows for date idea in London. I’ve seen most of the Musicals and would happily go to all of them again, especially for a date. The Fawlty towers dining experience sounds like a lot of fun, will be putting that on my list to go see


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