Autumn Walks in London for a Date

It is often said that the crisp breezes of early autumn in London usher in an air of romance. While the city centre does indeed offer a number of attractive amenities for the enamoured couple, a quick stroll in the surrounding environs will provide a sense of peace and tranquillity that is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who have a few spare hours on a weekend afternoon. Although the sheer number of walks around london is considerable, there are certain areas that have become quite famous for exuding a feeling of subdued romance. Let us have a quick look at a handful of these quaint, unforgettable destinations.

London Autumn

Hampstead Heath

Should you be searching for a bit of nature, Hampstead Heath is by far the location of choice. The park boasts no less than seven hundred and ninety acres of open air enjoyment and provides some of the most breathtaking views of the sparkling lights of London from a distance. While Hampstead Heath is perfect for a cozy afternoon picnic accented with a bottle of red wine, simply strolling around its many lakes and woodlands will give visitors spectacular views of the radiant autumn foliage that abounds. Should the weather prove a bit inclement, restaurants such as The Old White Bear and Nautilus Fish & Chips will give you a taste of the finest local cuisine.

Hampstead Heath

Queen Mary’s Gardens

Steeped in history since this location opened its gates to the public in 1932, Queen Mary’s Gardens are a world renowned tourist attraction famous for their rose gardens and immaculately pruned shrubbery. One of the best aspects of this location is that most visitors frequent its displays during the months May and June when the flowers are in full bloom. Thus, autumn represents a prefect time to avoid the throngs of tourists and instead snatch a bit of quiet time with that special someone.

It is said that there is a subtle air of mystery that surrounds Queen Mary’s Gardens, as much of the shrubbery is designed in such a pattern as to provide serenity and privacy. Therefore, this destination is absolutely exquisite for those who wish to enjoy peace and quiet while not bumping into other visitors. The scents of summer flowers have been silently replaced with smells of the rich autumn air, but by no means does this detract from the sheer majesty of this location. After an invigorating walk, restaurants such as the Queen’s Head and Artichoke and Le Pain Quotidien are located nearby.

Queen Mary's Garden
© Anne Marie Briscombe

The River Thames

All Londoners are well aware of the immortal lure of the River Thames. In fact, many couples choose to indulge themselves in a history that stretches back for over two thousand years. A leisurely walk will normally take approximately two hours and visitors can expect to find themselves immersed in the sights and sounds that echo from a time long since past. From ancient cathedrals to ancient pits designed to trap bears, you can walk hand-in-hand while learning a bit of the eclectic history of the river. Notwithstanding such history, romantic bridges and open-air markets can also be seen. This excursion truly has all that you can expect to enjoy on an autumn afternoon.

River Thames in Autumn

These are but three of the main romantic walks that can be found within minutes from London’s city centre. Whether you are London natives or have travelled from afar to partake in such scenery, these locations will certainly not disappoint. As autumn quickly approaches, there is no better time than the present to set a few hours aside and create romantic memories that will certainly last a lifetime.

Guest Writer – Lynn Reid
Lynn ReidLynn Reid works with Lovestruck helping organise some of the London dating events and community days. She loves to share her experience and knowledge of London dating scene and life in general as struggling single.

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