London is a big place full of many great things to do for a date, different people like doing different things and we cannot cover everything so this site is just a small collection of places we have been on dates that we think are winners. These ideas are great for when you are can’t think of something to do and just need a bit of inspiration.

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The Team


Originally from tup north, Dave has lived in London for 10 years and has been making the most of what it has to offer. He is an awesome salsa dancer, likes food far too much and plays trumpet in ska and soul bands. He thinks he’s cool…He’s not.
Leonie is a an exceptionally short girl from the outskirts of Essex, although she tries her best to lose her accent – it inevitably catches up with her. She has a strong penchant for pickled cucumbers and eating Nutella out of the jar.



A born and bred Londoner, Em has lived all over town and is a frequenter of too many cocktail bars, avid cyclist (when the traffic isn’t too terrifying) and lover of something a bit different to do in London.



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